Efland Volunteer Fire Department
3900 US 70 W / PO Box 39
Efland, NC 27243
(919) 732-8941
Who we are
We are a mixed volunteer/paid fire department serving the citizens of Orange County since 1973. We are contracted by the County for fire protection and work with Orange County EMS for medcial calls.

The department serves the citizens in the Efland Fire District (officaly it's called the "West Orange Fire Distrcit") and the Mebane Fire Distict (offically called the "East Alamance Fire District"). The Efland Fire District is in yellow below, with Mebane as the red district to the left/West of Efland. We also serve the Orange Rural distict (red, right of Efland), Orange Grove to the south and Cedar Grove to the north. As with all departments in the county, we'll go whever we are needed in the county when called.

Our ISO rating of 6 affects how much citizens pay for home owners insurance cutting the amount they pay more than in half. We are funded by a special county tax. If you are within 5 miles of our stations, you will have this better insurance rating. Otherwise, you wil have an ISO rating of 9, and will save about 40% on your insurance cost when compared against what it would cost if there was no fire protection.

We have 3 engines, two tankers, a brush truck for wildland fires, a medical response vehicale, and a utility truck. Our two stations are shown on the map below. Orange County also has EMS Station 4 in our district on Mt. Willing Rd. We have around 40 volunteers on our roster, including some Junior Firefighters. Our Junior program gives young people an operturnity to see if firefighting is a career they would be interested in.